Meet The Team Behind The Course

Our team is made up of trainers, consultants, researchers, former commissioners and business psychologists, all with years of experience in working with the public and voluntary sector (not to mention a couple of rather talented designers).

As Bright Ideas Consulting has delivered quite a number of consulting projects in partnership with Attend and Attend Academy, together we’ve helped a range of organisations to take their impact research practice to the next level.

From these experiences, Attend and Bright Ideas Consulting decided to work together to develop a programme that would meet the needs of senior managers of small and medium sized charities and social enterprises (or any other kind of organisation that has a social agenda!) to manage the impact research and evaluation process and use their evidence to support their work.

This collaboration resulted in the Leading for Impact programme.

What unites us as a team is a collective passion for the power of good evidence to support organisations with a social agenda capture the organisational learning that emerges from their projects, generate more funds and achieve their goals.

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