The Leading for Impact Approach

Evidences Impact

Generating robust evidence of the impact your organisation creates will help you to prove what you do works and improve what you do to make the leap from good to great.

Enhances Performance

By taking time to understand your organisational processes and how you structure your operations, we support you to improve efficiency, build organisational systems that work for your staff team and work with you to put in place the right resources and systems to power team performance.

Contributes to the Big Picture

Good research should also align with the organisations broader financial and organisational strategies. This should mean that your research, evaluation and impact assessment contributes to your organisations long-term sustainability.

Where Does This Approach Come From?

The Leading for Impact approach was developed by Bright Ideas Consulting through our extensive experience of working with organisations who have a social mission and in partnership with Attend. We see research, evaluation and impact assessment as integral to helping organisations learn and leverage their learning to ensure that regardless of where you're starting from, greater clarity, refinement and improvement can be achieved by applying the Bright Ideas approach.

Our model captures how research should work for the organisation through evidencing impact, enhancing performance and contributing to the big picture, integrating these agendas into a single framework.

As well as informing our consulting projects, the model also provides the theoretical framework for our Leading for Impact training range.


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