Assess Yourself…

For those of you on Facebook, your feed may have recently been invaded by a curious kind of “What (insert character/place/food here) are you?” type quiz. Examples include



And we’re jumping on the bandwagon, in a way, with our newest product, the Leading for Impact Organisational Self Assessment Tool, which asks the slightly more useful question of “How Good at Impact Evaluation Are You?”


In a nutshell, it’s a self scoring sheet that measures an organisation across nine different things, which allows you to quickly and easily find out how effectively your organisation is measuring, demonstrating and adapting to the impacts that it’s producing and to begin to draw up a plan of action of how to address the weaknesses and promote your strengths.


A colleague tested it with a kind guinea pig organisation last week, and we’ve used their (mainly positive) feedback to give it a few tweaks. Over the coming weeks, we’re hoping to run a few more pilots in order to gauge the state of impact evaluation in the voluntary sector.


So, if you’re interested in improving your organisation so that it can not only measure impact better, but also spread the responsibility of measurement out from the monitoring team to all of your staff and volunteers drop us a line. We’ll be piloting the tool for free with interested organisations, so please get in touch to take advantage of this great deal. Special rates for any fellow Scottish Folds 😉


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