Assess Your Current Impact Practices

What is the Impact Practice Assessment Package?

Based on the Leading for Impact approach to measuring impact in organisations with a social mission, the Leading for Impact assessment framework provides you with clear way to understand where your project or organisations impact practice is right now and to develop realistic plans to practically improve your research, impact and evaluation practices.

The impact practice assessment package takes our Leading for Impact self-assessment tool one step further, giving you the opportunity to reflect upon your current practices, identify the areas of strength and opportunities for development and then craft realistic plans to improve how evidence works for your project or organisation.

The Leading for Impact programme is designed to support you to embed a culture of measuring the impact of your services into your team. This practical package of support will help your project or organisation prove what you do works, improve your services and use your evidence to inform the broader strategy for your project or organisation.

Who’s it for?

Projects and organisations within the social enterprise, voluntary & community, charity and not-for-profit sectors. We work with a broad range of organisations from small community groups to large national charities.

As part of the assessment, we try whenever possible to involve the following groups in the assessment process;

  • CEO’s and senior staff
  • Board members
  • Project/Programme managers
  • Front-line staff
  • Volunteers
  • Beneficiaries
  • Other stakeholder groups (such as funders or your supporter community)

If you would like to discuss how the course might meet your project or organisations requirements, please contact us using the tab on the right of the page or sign-up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to find out more.

What’s Involved?

The package is delivered through a series of workshops and ongoing support;

  • Review of existing evaluation tools, materials, processes and other related activities to understand how your project or organisation currently approaches research, evaluation and impact assessment.
  • Externally facilitated administration of the impact practice assessment tool to help you to understand how different groups of stakeholders see your practices
  • Half-day workshop to engage your team in reviewing their impact practices and outlining the impact practice standards.
  • Practical tools to help you review your project or organisations current impact practice to take with you and use after the workshop.
  • Half-day workshop t0 share findings and develop an action plan to improve your practices in realistic and meangingful ways.
  • Improve your strategic thinking and ensure your impact evaluation work influences the bigger picture and considers how you will bring your team with you after the workshop.

This package is designed to help you;

  • Recognise the good practices already occurring – celebrate your successes and identify opportunities to develop your current practices and embed a culture of evaluation.
  • Increasing the shared understanding of your impact practices across your team – by understanding how different stakeholder groups see your impact practices, we help you to see the bigger picture, spot gaps and build consensus about ways to improve.
  • Develop practical plans to improve your practices and build a culture of evaluation – Use your increased understanding and new insights to manage change effectively. Ensure your evidence feeds into broader organisational strategies, generate funds and embed new practices within your project or organisations culture

The Leading for Impact range draws together best practice from across the sector to give participants practical tools and techniques to plan their own evaluation activities and to foster a culture of evaluation in their project or organisation and build their teams capacity to deliver practical and meaningful research, evaluation and impact assessment.


Depending on the size of your organisation or project and the complexity of the assessment involved, cost may vary. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail for a quote.


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